Wednesday, September 21, 2005

News break. Fraud still stressed despite hols.

First week of sure to be fleeting school holidays, but still can't stop thinking about school, particularly Year 12 English, and how my students will fare. It's also my second year running of being the parent of a Year 12 student, which adds considerably to the stress load. I'll be glad when the final exams are over and my kid - currently watching television and eating a late breakfast prior to hopefully doing some work - is off enjoying a well earned vacation. I've foregone my own trip up north this year to accommodate the exam schedule of my kid's school. It runs for the second half of week one of the hols and the first half of week two. The coordinators - well, those who have to supervise exams - at that school have my deepest sympathy. At my own school, we schedule practice exams for the first three days of term 4. Piles of marking under pressure on the first weekend back, but at least I'm spared working during the hols. (Marking on the weekend? What else is new?)
Chris Wheat's article in The Age about the proposed English Study Design made lots of sense. Perhaps because his views coincide with my own.
My kid's on MSN now she's finished brekkie.
Time to nag.


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